Our Pre-Admission Appraisals

Here at Avalon Memory Care, we adhere to a unique model of Alzheimer’s support. Our approach is nurturing and comforting and is tailored to the individual’s needs. As each new resident prepares to move into one of our Alzheimer’s care homes, his or her family can expect a thorough pre-admission appraisal.

This appraisal is designed to familiarize our Alzheimer’s care providers with your loved one’s unique needs and your family’s concerns. The appraisal process includes a review of your loved one’s medical history, medications, functional impairments, and assistive needs. We would also like to know about your loved one’s life interests, since our social and recreational opportunities bring joy to our residents and support their quality of life. Our Alzheimer’s care providers prefer a collaborative approach with families. We will work closely with your family during this transition period to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met and your family’s expectations are exceeded. Periodically, reappraisals are conducted as needed.

To learn more about nursing care plans for dementia in the Dallas, Arlington, and Houston areas, contact Avalon Memory Care and request a consultation. You may reach us at (214) 752-7050.

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