How Your Loved One Can Stay Safe During Winter

Winter is on its way. That means warm weather is gone and cold weather is here to stay—at least for a few months. This season may be filled with the joy of the holidays, but it also presents a number of hazards that put your loved one at risk of getting injured. Following these tips can help them stay safe during this time of the year:


Dress Appropriately
Staying warm during the winter is important at all ages, but it is especially important for individuals with Alzheimer’s. As we age, we produce less body heat. This makes it difficult to notice when it gets colder, putting many of our loved ones at risk for developing hypothermia. Dressing appropriately is a simple yet effective way to stay warm and stay safe during the coldest months of the year. When going outside, your loved one should wear dry clothing and put on many layers to trap body heat in.

Maintain a Healthy Diet
As your loved one ages, they often experience a decrease in appetite. This often leads to poor nutrition, which can result in health problems. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for keeping the body functioning properly and staying at a healthy weight. A nutritious diet is essential during winter, when many seniors experience even less of an appetite and make poor nutritional choices. Eating a diet rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins can help seniors stay healthy and alert during the cold weather months.

Move Into an Assisted Living Location
Living alone can lead to slips and falls, especially with weather conditions present during winter. Assisted living locations provide a safe space where your loved ones with Alzheimer’s can avoid the hazardous conditions of living alone. These locations also provide tasty and nutritious meals that make it easy to maintain a healthy diet. Your loved one can also enjoy a variety of social and recreational activities to keep them active and occupied when they live in assisted living locations.

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