How to Plan a Visit to Avalon Residential Care with Young Relatives

When your loved one moves to Avalon Residential Care Homes, he or she receives all the benefits of compassionate Alzheimer’s care in a comfortable, non-institutional home. Help your loved one feel even more at home by planning regular visits. Your loved one’s grandchildren will benefit from forming a close bond with their grandparent. Residents of our assisted living homes greatly enjoy family visits; they lift the residents’ spirits and reinforce family relationships.


Happy children with granny

Discuss What to Expect
If your children or other young relatives have never visited an assisted living home before, it is a good idea to inform them of what to expect. Tell them that they may meet other elderly residents, and that those residents would appreciate a kind greeting. Use age-appropriate language to describe the basics of Alzheimer’s or dementia. For example, tell them that their elderly relative may be forgetful, but that he or she appreciates the visit.

Encourage the Kids to Select a Gift
Instill enthusiasm for the visit by encouraging youngsters to create a handmade gift. The kids might enjoy baking a special treat with your assistance, for example, or they could paint a picture for your loved one. Store-bought gifts that your loved one might enjoy include large print books and stationery.

Plan Fun Activities
Arrange for some activities that your loved one and the youngsters can enjoy together. Often, youngsters may not know what to say to an elderly relative with Alzheimer’s. Playing a board game or card game can serve as an icebreaker. The youngsters might enjoy reading their favorite books to the elderly relative, or they can help decorate your loved one’s room for an upcoming holiday. Many elderly residents enjoy viewing photo albums and discussing past events.

For more helpful advice on visiting our assisted living homes, please call Avalon Residential Care Homes at (214) 752-7050. We offer an alternative approach to Alzheimer’s care that emphasizes dignity and respect. Visit our website to learn more about our locations in Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex.