What Sets Avalon Apart from Large Institutional Environments?

At Avalon Residential Care Homes, we do not think that larger care facilities, like nursing homes, set out to deliver poor care to Alzheimer’s patients—we just believe that their framework does not allow for them to meet the unique needs of people coping with dementia. We have designed our locations to specifically cater to the physical, social, and emotional needs of these residents. The end result is greater comfort for our residents and their families, who can feel confident about the care their loved one is receiving.

Large facilities are isolating. Our staff and residents are not strangers who only interact when necessary. We are family. Our residents have their own rooms, are surrounded by their own possessions, and enjoy a small circle of staff and fellow residents who all become friends. Although the healthcare and nutrition support we offer is second to none, it is the emotional support that comes from our family-like environment that is most beneficial to the loved ones in our care.


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