"We Have Made A Very Good Choice For Mother"| Avalon Residential Care Homes Review

"My mother Dotty moved into the Glendora house on Friday night. Betsy, I, and the rest of the family are very pleased with all of the efforts that your caring staff has made to smooth this traumatic transition. Stella, Vickie and Jennifer have been very kind and appropriate in their response when Dotty has become very fearful and confused about where she is and why her family is not with her. They have treated the family as valued additional caregivers and have approached these first days with a calmness and flexibility that increases our confidence that we have made a very good choice for mother. We have every reason to hope that Dotty will become as comfortable as her disease will allow in her new home. I was very pleased to hear her tell me this morning that, "I’m going to be all right - so far everything is pleasant."