Spending Thanksgiving With Your Elderly Loved One

Thanksgiving is a special time of year that should be shared with loved ones. That is why it is important to make plans with the older members of your family. If your elderly loved one is currently residing in an assisted living location, make this Thanksgiving extra special by visiting them! Follow these tips to plan a Thanksgiving celebration that all family members are sure to love:

steamed vegetables

Make Plans to Celebrate with Your Loved One
Call the residential care home staff to discuss any plans for Thanksgiving. Ask them if the family can come celebrate the holiday at the assisted living location. This conversation will allow you to figure out all of the details, such as what time you should arrive, what you should bring, and what you and your family will be able to do during your time there.

Participate in Activities
Assisted living locations offer a number of activities that allow residents to have fun, practice beloved hobbies, and interact with one another. Your family can get in on the fun by participating in activities taking place on Thanksgiving. Ask the staff about special games and other activities planned for the day and decide what your family will enjoy the most.

Bring in Healthy Thanksgiving Food
Check with the staff of your residential home if it is acceptable to bring food for your Thanksgiving visit. Before your visit, cook up some healthy and delicious Thanksgiving foods that you and your family members can enjoy together at the assisted living location.

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