The Benefits of Exercise For Senior Citizens

Moving into an assisted living location makes it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Avalon Residential Care Homes, we offer a beautiful environment, healthy meals, and plenty of opportunities to follow healthy habits. After moving into an assisted living location, start leading a healthier life by gaining these benefits from regular exercise:


Maintaining Physical Fitness
Working out gives the body a chance to move, sweat, and work toward a healthy goal. If you are used to exercising regularly, you should keep up with this healthy habit as you get older. If you are not used to exercise, find a workout that is fun and exciting. Incorporating regular exercise into your life will allow you to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Certain exercises can also work various muscle groups to help you gain a leaner and stronger body.

Reducing the Risk of Injury
Some seniors hesitate when it comes to regular exercise, worried that working out may result in a slip or some other type of injury. Falls are a serious concern for many seniors, often resulting in injuries that require intense care and supervision. But working out can actually help you avoid slips and falls! Incorporating regular exercise into your life allows you to become stronger, more energetic, and more flexible. All of these qualities can reduce your risk of slipping or falling and suffering an injury from the impact.

Improving Your Attitude
Exercise does not just help the body; it also helps the mind. The body produces endorphins during physical activity, which can reduce negative feelings such as depression or anger and increase positive feelings. Working out also gives you an opportunity to meet and connect with new people.

It is easy to keep up with regular physical activity here at Avalon Residential Care Homes. Contact us at (888) 546-7432 to learn more about the benefits of exercise for seniors living in an Alzheimer’s care location.