Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Residential Care Community

Have you decided that your loved one requires assisted living services? For many, this decision stems from the onset of a condition such as Alzheimer’s disease, which makes at-home care too challenging. When facing a condition like Alzheimer’s, it becomes all the more important to choose a location that can attend to all facets of your loved one’s well-being. The following highlights some qualities to consider when deciding on an Alzheimer’s assisted living home.

Senior couple relaxing outside

Focus on Safety
Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease may suffer from cognitive and physical diminishment that puts their well-being at risk. If they are not steady on their feet, they are more susceptible to falling; if they easily forget tasks at hand, they may inadvertently keep the tub running or the stove on. When looking at Alzheimer’s assisted living homes, carefully inspect each room to see what safety measures have been put in place. Do the bathrooms have support bars? Are the floors covered in slip-resistant tile? These features can mean the difference between a safe environment and one likely to cause an accident.

Qualified Staff Members
Effective Alzheimer’s support requires caregivers to have both medical expertise and an excellent bedside manner. Being familiar with the health needs of those with Alzheimer’s disease is essential for memory care staff, as they are the ones who disperse medication to residents and may be the first individuals to notice new complications. Having patience and compassion is also critical for a positive Alzheimer’s assisted living home experience.

Opportunities for Activity
Giving residents a range of events they can enjoy can make their time at an Alzheimer’s assisted living home all the more enjoyable. To keep minds and bodies active, it’s important for a prospective location to have ability-appropriate games, hobbies, and other recreational endeavors available to keep residents happy and engaged.

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