Signs That Your Elderly Loved One May Benefit from Residential Care

Our parents, grandparents, and other elderly loved ones help us grow by sharing their wisdom. As these loved ones get older, it may become more difficult for them to share their knowledge. It can also be difficult for them to live on their own without help and support. Find out if your elderly loved one can benefit from assisted living by looking for these signs:

granddaughter embracing her grandparents

Changes in Memory
Seniors tend to experience more changes in memory than their younger counterparts. Some seniors have normal age-related forgetfulness seen in habits such as forgetting where they placed certain items or forgetting appointments. Other seniors have more serious memory changes that can be signs of diseases such as dementia. If your elderly loved one is having trouble remembering important facts or responsibilities, they can find support at an assisted living location.

Trouble Caring for Themself
Many seniors enjoy rich and active lifestyles while maintaining their independence in their own homes. Other seniors cannot keep up with the responsibilities of living alone and caring for oneself. This second group can get the support and companionship they need by moving into an assisted living location. When you visit with your elderly loved one, look around their home to see how it is being maintained. If your loved one can no longer keep up with chores or other household responsibilities, you may want to start a conversation about residential care.

Difficulty Maintaining a Healthy Diet
Good nutrition is important during all parts of life, including old age. A proper diet provides the nutrients the body needs to maintain health and wellness for as long as possible. Unfortunately, many seniors experience a decrease in appetite, which can affect what they eat, when they eat, and how much they eat. It is very difficult for many seniors to get all of the nutrients they need without the guidance they can receive at an assisted living location.

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