Coping Emotionally with an Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Close-up hands of senior couple resting on knee

It is never easy to hear that your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes, fear of the unknown can magnify stress. You may feel more in control of the situation as you discuss the diagnosis with your loved one’s doctors and learn about care options. As you begin to notice new symptoms in your loved one, it can be helpful to discuss these with the doctor. Family members of those with Alzheimer’s frequently face significant worries over how to arrange for care. As symptoms become more severe, you may feel more at ease if your loved one moves to a residential care home that specializes in memory care.

Some individuals find comfort in reaching out to others for emotional support during this difficult time. You may wish to talk to your doctor about local support groups or you may wish to request a referral to a mental health counselor. If you have friends who have also coped with the diagnosis of a loved one, arrange a time to meet over coffee and share your concerns. Simply knowing that a friend understands what you are coping with can be a great comfort.

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