How to Recognize When an Aging Parent Is Showing Signs of Dementia

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There are many different types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. If you suspect that your loved one could be showing signs of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, you can schedule an appointment with his or her doctor to discuss these concerns. If your loved one is indeed diagnosed with dementia, it is a good idea to explore local assisted living options for dementia care before the symptoms have become advanced.

Memory Loss
Memory loss is a common indicator of dementia, particularly when it is persistent enough to disrupt daily life. You may notice that your aging parent repeatedly asks the same questions, despite having already received the answers. He or she may forget important appointments, rely increasingly on reminder notes, and forget information that was recently learned.

Problem Solving Impairment
Dementia affects cognitive function, including your loved one’s ability to perform simple and complex tasks. You might notice your parent start to have trouble following recipes, for example, or balancing the checkbook. He or she may have difficulty making and following plans. Your parent may struggle to concentrate on tasks.

Inappropriate Behavior
Often, an individual will exhibit inappropriate behaviors with severe dementia. For example, your aging parent may begin to have angry outbursts, or he or she may be inappropriately clothed. Individuals with dementia often exhibit poor judgment skills, especially as they pertain to financial decisions and self-care routines.

Communication Deficits
It is common for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to struggle to communicate properly. Your parent may appear to have trouble finding the right word, or joining and maintaining a conversation. He or she may repeat the same words or use incorrect vocabulary.

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