The Importance of an Active Lifestyle for those with Early Alzheimer's

Senior Couple Walking In Park

As a loved one grows older, it is more important than ever to encourage him or her to maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise is believed to reduce a senior’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Regular exercise may also improve quality of life and slow cognitive decline in seniors who already have Alzheimer’s disease. Encourage your loved one who has early stage Alzheimer’s to stay active by finding activities he or she enjoys.

For example, you could suggest that the two of you go bird watching together. Your loved one might enjoy gardening, fishing, or a walk in the park. Look for local classes that your loved one may enjoy at a local senior’s or recreation center. Your loved one might also enjoy a water aerobics class, which is particularly well-suited for those who have arthritic joints. Remember to check with your loved one’s doctor before encouraging physical activity.

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