A Guide to Selecting the Right Home –Like Environment for Your Elderly Parent

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The decision to place your elderly parent in an assisted living community can come with many questions and considerations. Especially when your parent suffers from a degenerative condition such as Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to find an Alzheimer’s support location that can attend to their current requirements and have the resources to address their future needs as well. When weighing your options, you may want to keep the following aspects of assisted living care in mind.

Specialized Activities
No matter the degree of your parent’s cognitive decline, they deserves to be in a home-like environment that stimulates their mind and provides them with diverse outlets for their interests. Given that some pastimes or hobbies can prove frustrating for individuals with advanced dementia, Alzheimer’s support locations should have a wide array of activities that can meet the varying needs of their residents. As you assess each home-like environment, inquire as to its daily events for those living there.

Capable Staff
Just as individuals suffering from cardiovascular or pulmonary problems need physicians specially trained in heart or lung conditions, so too do people with Alzheimer’s disease require professional supervision from those with appropriate expertise. Request to see the credentials of those working in each assisted living community to ensure that your parent will be under the care of those intimate with his condition.

Safe Surroundings
Security is paramount to the well-being of those living in a community focused on Alzheimer’s care. Should a resident stray from their room, or should they gain access to a restricted part of the home-like environment, they could become frightened or aggressive. In some cases, they may even cause harm to themselves or others. Having magnetic door locks on entrances and exits can prove essential to the safety of your parent.

Avalon Memory Care wants our residents to enjoy stimulating and safe stays at our assisted living locations. If you have a parent in need of Alzheimer’s care, we can help. To schedule an appointment at any of our Dallas, Garland, or Fort Worth locations, call (214) 752-7050.