Signs an Older Parent Needs Professional Care

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It is never easy to watch a parent suffer the many symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, adult children often have trouble adapting to the reversal of roles – from child to caregiver. If you have been providing Alzheimer’s care for your parent, you may have begun to wonder when you should consider an assisted living location instead of home care. Consider the following factors, which can indicate a need for a greater level of Alzheimer’s support.

Safety Issues
As your parent continues to decline, you may have safety concerns. Safety concerns can include wandering. Individuals with Alzheimer’s can easily leave their homes, wander off, and quickly become lost even in previously familiar neighborhoods, posing the risk of injuries from traffic accidents and similar events. Even within a parent’s own home, he or she may suffer injury. Your parent may have tried to use the stove, despite no longer knowing how. He or she may begin to have trouble moving about the home, and may suffer serious injury in a fall. Moving your parent to an assisted living location will ensure his or her safety.

Self-Care Considerations
At first, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include mild memory loss and organizational difficulties. However, as the disease worsens, your parent will lose the ability to care for his or her hygiene requirements. When your loved one begins to have trouble dressing him- or herself, or having trouble with other basic self-care routines, it is time to consider assisted living.

Isolation Problems
One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is social withdrawal. Your parent may no longer wish to participate in social activities he or she previously enjoyed. An Alzheimer’s care provider that offers social activities regularly can help improve your loved one’s quality of life.

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