Visiting a Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease

Happy retirement

When your loved one is in an assisted living location for Alzheimer’s care, it can be difficult to visit him or her because Alzheimer’s robs a person of the ability to recognize loved ones. However, your visit still carries a great deal of meaning for your loved one. Even if your loved one can no longer recognize you, he or she will still enjoy the simple human connection. Talk to your loved one’s caregivers to learn which time of day might be best to visit.

Bring an activity your loved one might enjoy. For example, he or she might like to look at photo albums, even if the faces are unrecognizable to him or her. It is important not to become upset if your loved one does not remember who you are or responds to you in an angry fashion. Remember that some of the characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease are changes in personality and behavior.

Since 1995, Avalon Residential Care Homes has provided compassionate memory care in a soothing, home-like environment. If you have any questions about visiting your loved one at our assisted living locations in Dallas, Plano or Fort Worth, please call (214) 752-7050.