What Is Sundowning?

Alzheimer's Care Dallas

Among individuals who require Alzheimer’s care, sundowning is particularly common among those who are in the mid-to late stages of the disease. It refers to an increase in behavioral difficulties later in the day, along with sleep disturbances. Individuals who provide Alzheimer’s care often notice an increase in anxiety, confusion, and agitation during the latter half of the day. Sometimes, individuals who are affected by sundowning are more likely to wander and to ignore directives.

As issues such as sundowning become more challenging, family caregivers often turn to professional caregivers who can provide Alzheimer’s support within a home-like setting. At a memory care location, caregivers can ensure that the individual’s environment is structured in a way to keep him or her comfortable while protecting him or her from wandering and other challenging behaviors. For example, it can be helpful to encourage seniors with dementia to go outdoors during the day to enjoy the sunshine. Maintaining a regular schedule and having adequate lighting in the environment can also help reduce sundowning.

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