Common Causes of Falls in Seniors

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Experts who provide mental health care for Alzheimer’s patients often recommend assisted living for elderly patients. In addition to the superior comprehensive care that can be provided by an assisted living center, an Alzheimer’s nursing home can also ensure that your senior loved ones are protected from physical injury. Falls are the leading cause of death and injury among the elderly population, and Alzheimer’s patients are no exception. Read on to learn more about things that may cause elderly men and women to fall.

Physical Frailty
Without continuous care, many elderly patients with degenerative conditions suffer serious falls due to their physical frailty. As seniors age, they become less able to exercise regularly. Elderly men and women thus often have poor muscle tone, low bone mass, and reduced flexibility. These physical impairments make it more difficult to keep balance, leading to dangerous falls.

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
Health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease, and arthritis also cause physical weakness. Alzheimer’s patients in particular suffer from weakness in the extremities, poor grip strength, and balance disorders. Cognitive impairment in the form of memory problems and difficulty communicating if a patient feels unsafe makes Alzheimer’s especially risky.

Recent Surgery
With the onset of old age, many people must undergo hip replacements and other surgeries. These surgeries can leave an elderly person feeling weak and in pain, making it even more difficult to negotiate steep stairs, loose carpets, and bathroom areas without continuous care.

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