Enrichment through Music and Art for People with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s care is multifaceted. It involves making sure the individual is safe and well-nourished, and that his or her medical needs are met. However, the importance of the mental health aspect of Alzheimer’s care should not be understated. Individuals with Alzheimer’s can enjoy an improved quality of life when they participate in meaningful recreational activities, such as art projects and music.

Identifying the Benefits of Music and Art
Alzheimer’s disease makes it difficult for an individual to express him-or herself. However, self-expression may be possible through music and art. Even when an individual is in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia, he or she can take great joy in participating in music and art. In fact, researchers have suggested that when those afflicted by Alzheimer’s actively enjoy music, agitation and behavioral problems may be reduced. Art projects are a tangible way for individuals to express their emotions and achieve a feeling of accomplishment. Additionally, both art and music provide a non-verbal means of connection between those with Alzheimer’s and their families or caregivers.

Planning Art Projects
When planning recreational activities for an individual with Alzheimer’s, you should consider his or her interests and skills. Select an art project that is appropriate for adults; child-like art projects may be demeaning. Make sure that all art materials are safe and non-toxic, and that no sharp edges are present. The individual may need a little assistance to get started.

Enjoying Music Together
It is ideal to let the individual with Alzheimer’s select the music, if possible. Otherwise, try to select music that is familiar to the person. Turn to the volume to a moderate setting and eliminate all other sources of noise to avoid confusion. Dance or clap along with the music and invite the individual to join you.

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