10 Early Warning Signs of Dementia [INFOGRAPHIC]

Memory changes are a typical part of aging, so how can you tell when it is something more? It's important to pay attention to these changes and to know what is typical and what may be a sign of dementia, since early diagnosis can be such an important part of memory care. For instance, it's normal for someone to occasionally forget an appointment, but consistently missing important meetings or needing to rely on memory aids could be cause for concern. Likewise, everyone can make a mistake while balancing a checkbook now and then, but regularly making financial errors could signal dementia. In this infographic, Avalon Memory Care in Dallas highlights 10 warning signs of dementia. If you notice these signs in someone you love, take steps to get them evaluated, and if necessary, to get your loved one the Alzheimer's care he or she needs. Contact us to learn more about our dementia nursing care plan and Alzheimer's support, and please share this helpful information with family and friends.