Talking to Your Parents About Residential Care

If you are concerned that your parents could require a dementia nursing care plan in Dallas, you can schedule appointments with their doctors to discuss your concerns. Their doctors can evaluate their symptoms and assess whether they might benefit from moving to an assisted living center. However, bear in mind a conversation about Alzheimer's support should ideally occur well before continuous care is needed.

Identify Issues and Research Solutions
Before broaching the subject with your parents, it may be helpful to identify specific concerns. For example, you may be concerned that your parents have forgotten to turn the stove off, missed important doctor's appointments, or are having trouble maintaining personal hygiene. When you discuss dementia care with your parents, mention that you are concerned about these particular problems. Ahead of your conversation, you can also research Alzheimer's care locations in your area. Identify the types of services that are available, evaluate the accommodations, and consider whether your parents' quality of life would be improved by moving to a new home in the assisted living center.

Use a Sensitive Approach and Forge a Partnership
When it is time to discuss dementia care with your parents , it is important to maintain a respectful, sensitive tone. Let your parents know that you are worried about their well-being and that, if they were to move to an assisted living center, you could rest assured knowing that they were being well taken care of. Instead of merely instructing your parents to move, respect their right to choose and form a partnership with them. For example, you might suggest that they humor you by accompanying you on a tour of an assisted living center.

Avalon Memory Care takes a groundbreaking approach to providing assisted living services for those who require Alzheimer's care or dementia care. Within our home-like environment, our residents take part in meaningful activities, make independent choices, develop new friendships, and enjoy the privacy of their own rooms within ranch-style homes. If you would like to tour our locations in the Dallas or Fort Worth area with your loved one, please call (214) 752-7050 and speak with a friendly representative.