Reacting to an Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is life-changing for many individuals. It is to be expected that you are coping with some difficult emotions, that you may be unsure of what will happen next, and that you are finding it difficult to share the news with your loved ones. Although Alzheimer’s disease is not yet curable, you should know that many individuals with this form of dementia lead full, active lives for many years. It may empower you to begin planning for your future Alzheimer’s care needs in advance.

Consulting Your Doctor
After an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, you may wish to learn as much as you can about your disease, and what it will mean for you and your family in the future. Your best source of information is your physician. Your doctor can answer your questions, explain how the disease progresses, and offer treatment recommendations for managing symptoms related to Alzheimer’s.

Caring for Your Emotional Wellness
It may take some time to adjust to your diagnosis. You may find yourself feeling a range of emotions typically associated with the grieving process; this is perfectly normal. Allow yourself to explore your emotions and find healthy coping techniques. You may wish to join a support group, connect with your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter, or receive counseling from a mental health professional.

Sharing the Diagnosis with Loved Ones
When you are ready to share your diagnosis with loved ones, let your intuition guide you. You may only wish to tell your close family members or you may feel comfortable talking with your friends about the disease. Be prepared for strong reactions; your loved ones are likely to be very upset by the news because they care about you.

Planning for the Future
Alzheimer’s disease progresses over a period of years. It is wise to begin planning for your future care needs now, while you are still capable of doing so. Explore memory care locations and discuss your preferences with your loved ones.

At Avalon Memory Care, we believe individuals with Alzheimer’s deserve the best of care within a home-like environment, rather than an institutional facility. If you are planning for a future dementia nursing care plan in Carrollton for yourself or a loved one, give us a call at 469.802.3179. A caring staff member will listen closely to your concerns and help you understand the Alzheimer’s care options available to you.