Caring for Your Aging Parents

If you are considering Alzheimer’s care or a nursing care plan for dementia for an elderly parent, the best thing you can do is start the conversation early. If you think an assisted living center that offers Alzheimer’s support is best for your loved one, make the appropriate plans with your family as soon as you can.

After your parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, talk to them directly to find out their preferences for an assisted living center. Sadly, Alzheimer’s is a degenerative condition, and there will be a time when they are unable to communicate well. Even before your parents show signs of these conditions, consider bringing well-balanced meals over to help them stay in good physical health.

Whether you need a nursing care plan for dementia or want to know more about Alzheimer’s assisted living, call Avalon Memory Care. We have locations near Cedar Park, Garland, and Carrollton, and we offer 24-hour comprehensive care. Call us at (214) 752-7050 to find out more about our bedside care for Alzheimer’s patients near Fort Worth.


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