Talking to Your Parents about Senior Living

Memory Care Carrollton

When your parents need more help at home than the family can provide, assisted living can offer a safe and comfortable alternative. However, it is natural for seniors to have some hesitation about leaving home, even when they require help with daily routines, such as medication management. Here are some tips for having a positive discussion with your parents about assisted living and finding a solution that works for your family.

Choose the Right Moment
Do not attempt to have a conversation about assisted living at a time when your parents are already under stress. Avoid discussing the issue when other people are present or in a noisy environment that may already have your parents on edge. Sit down together at home and calmly bring up the topic. If the discussion begins to escalate, stop it for now and address the issue again at another time. You may need to have several conversations about assisted living before coming to the right decision for your family, so resist the urge to make your parents agree with your standpoint the first time the subject comes up.

Understand Your Parents’ Health
If one of your parents has been diagnosed with a condition like Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, knowing how the disease progresses may greatly affect your decisions about assisted living. In the early stages of dementia, your parent may be able to play a role in developing a memory care plan for when he or she requires continuous care. This can help you avoid the stress of making a decision about assisted living when your loved one’s symptoms have worsened.

Validate Their Feelings
Avoid responding to your parents out of frustration, and instead, acknowledge the concerns they have about transitioning to assisted living. Use positive language when discussing assisted living, such as using the word “residence” instead “facility” and emphasizing the benefits of prepared meals and social activities with fellow residents.

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