Why It's Healthy to Remain Socially Active

Memory Care Fort Worth

For seniors, one of the best investments in overall health is remaining socially active. Although physical and mental health issues can make it more challenging to be socially engaged, residing in an assisted living home can help seniors avoid isolation while getting the care they need.

In addition to helping seniors reduce the risk of depression and the need for mental health care, being socially active can also help seniors avoid dementia. Research shows that being engaged socially reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. For seniors who are already receiving memory care, socializing improves quality of life and reduces the impact of isolation and loneliness.

Avalon Memory Care provides continuous care for residents with dementia in a warm and social home-like environment. In addition to mental health care for individuals with Alzheimer’s in Garland, our assisted living homes offer social and recreational activities. To learn more, please call (214) 752-7050.