Common Sleep Changes in People with Alzheimer's Disease

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An Alzheimer’s nursing home regularly observes irregular sleep patterns in Alzheimer’s patients. While physicians have not determined an exact causal link between Alzheimer’s disease and sleep problems, doctors now believe that sleep disturbances generally result from changes in an Alzheimer’s patient’s brain. Keep reading to find out more about common sleep changes in Alzheimer’s patients, including difficulty sleeping, changing patterns, and daytime napping.

Difficulty Sleeping
An Alzheimer’s patient’s difficulty sleeping is one of the first symptoms many Alzheimer’s care providers observe. While many adults have a harder time falling asleep or staying asleep through the night, these changes are more noticeable in Alzheimer’s patients. Some Alzheimer’s sufferers wake frequently during the night, and many also have a difficult time getting back to sleep. Experts who have studied Alzheimer’s patients have noted decreases in dreaming and non-dreaming sleep.

Changing Patterns
An Alzheimer’s patient may also fall asleep at odd hours or be awake in the middle of the night. Many families seek Alzheimer’s assisted living care if a loved one’s sleep patterns disrupt the household. For example, an Alzheimer’s sufferer may wander about the home during the night. Alzheimer’s patients may also be loud, yelling or calling out at odd hours.

Daytime Napping
Alzheimer’s support facilities also report increased instances of daytime napping in Alzheimer’s patients. Individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s often become agitated or restless in the late afternoon. This phenomenon is known as “sundowning”. Indeed, scientists have determined that late stage Alzheimer’s sufferers spend most of their days sleeping and nearly half of their nights awake.

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