Dealing with Dietary Challenges in Alzheimer's Patients

An Alzheimer’s memory care home is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for all residents. If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you deserve to feel like he or she is comfortable and cared for at all times. Without continuous care, many Alzheimer’s sufferers struggle to get the nutrients their bodies desperately need. Read on for more information about how to deal with dietary challenges in Alzheimer’s patients, including poor appetite, insufficient nutrients, and distracted eating.

Poor Appetite

Many Alzheimer’s nursing home care providers report that individuals who have been diagnosed with the disease struggle to keep up their appetites. While some Alzheimer’s sufferers may be simply less hungry, there is often an underlying reason they are not eating as much. For example, he or she may no longer recognize the food on the plate or may have lost a sharp sense of smell or taste. To deal with poor appetite, try to eat together and give plenty of time to eat.

Insufficient Nutrients

Not getting enough essential vitamins and minerals is another common challenge for Alzheimer’s sufferers. To avoid weight loss or even increasing behavioral symptoms, an Alzheimer’s assisted living center suggests cutting down on refined sugars and high fat or cholesterol foods. Instead, offer vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Distracted Eating

Individuals with Alzheimer’s can be easily distracted, which can make mealtime a challenge. Alzheimer’s support involves limiting outside interference when eating. Keep the table setting simple and serve all meals in quiet surroundings, away from a television or other noise. That way, your loved one with Alzheimer’s will be able to focus on eating a full plate of nutritious food.

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