Distinguishing Between Depression and Alzheimer's Disease

Memory Care Irving

Memory care can be an important part of treating both Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Because Alzheimer’s and depression symptoms can be similar, it is important to be diagnosed directly by your physician.

Occasionally, patients who seek Alzheimer’s care turn out to be suffering from depression instead. While depression can be a devastating illness, its similar symptoms can still be distinguished from Alzheimer’s. By the time Alzheimer’s is in its final stages, a patient will need to enter an assisted living center. Alzheimer’s patients struggle to care for themselves and understand their surroundings. However, in early stages, the diseases can be strikingly similar. Both Alzheimer’s and depression sufferers tend to isolate themselves, avoiding activities they once enjoyed. They may also sleep too much or not enough. Depression sufferers can also struggle with memory problems, which is why so many initially seek Alzheimer’s support.

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