How Is Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosed?

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When family members begin noticing changes in a loved one’s behavior or mental capabilities, questions regarding the need for assisted living and Alzheimer’s care frequently come up. If you suspect that someone is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to begin the process of diagnosing the condition as soon as possible, which typically requires several steps:

Medical History
When evaluating your loved one for Alzheimer’s, their doctor begins the process by taking a thorough medical history. The doctor will ask a series of questions that will give insight into the patient’s overall health in the past up through the present. In this situation, it is not uncommon for a patient to forget important details about their medical history, which makes the presence of a close relative or friend helpful.

Mental Status
Next, the doctor will evaluate your loved one’s mental status by asking about their abilities when it comes to performing daily tasks. During this stage of Alzheimer’s diagnosis, the doctor may ask about the person’s ability to drive safely and reach his destinations, manage his finances, prepare his meals, properly take any medications he is on, and perform household chores.

Medical Examination
Finally, the doctor will perform a physical exam to get an idea of the patient’s state of health. At this stage, the doctor will be looking for symptoms that can indicate the presence of Alzheimer’s, as well as any risk factors for dementia such as heart disease and alcohol use. To finalize an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, it is essential to rule out other potential causes of the person’s symptoms. At this point, your loved one’s doctor may refer you to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist for further testing.

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