Coping with Your Diagnosis

Memory Care Houston

If you have been experiencing unusual memory loss or problems completing everyday tasks, then it may be time to consider speaking with your family physician about your challenges. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia is never easy to cope with, but knowing the reason for your cognitive changes allows you to begin planning for your future. While you are researching your local memory care options, you can rely on your family and friends for emotional support.

Acknowledge your emotions.
It is not unheard of for individuals recently diagnosed with dementia to experience an array of emotions similar to those of the grieving process. After all, you are grieving for your future and for your loved ones. You might experience anger, denial, resentment, fear, and depression. At some point, you might even feel relief that you have finally found a reason for your symptoms. You might also feel isolated from your loved ones. Give yourself permission to experience these emotions without trying to suppress them.

Make a commitment to self-care.
This is a difficult time in your life. Although you will likely be concerned about the future welfare of your loved ones, it is important to invest your energy in caring for yourself. Not every coping method is right for everyone. Try a variety of methods to find the one that helps you. These might include speaking with a mental health counselor, joining a support group, writing in a journal, or playing a musical instrument.

Preserve your active lifestyle.
With the help of your doctor, develop a better understanding of your current abilities and limitations. To the extent that it is possible, you should continue to be physically and socially active. As time passes and you require greater Alzheimer’s support, you will need to make some lifestyle adjustments.

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