Recognizing Appetite Problems in People with Alzheimer's Disease

Memory Care Irving

Individuals who require Alzheimer’s care may display appetite problems at some point. It is not unusual for individuals with Alzheimer’s to forget to eat, have difficulty using eating utensils, or have difficulty coping with a range of food choices. They may also no longer be able to identify the foods on their plates. Some individuals who require Alzheimer’s care may resist proper nutrition because medications decrease their appetite. Or, they may experience a decline in the senses of smell and taste.

For other individuals who need Alzheimer’s support, mealtimes can be difficult when they are within an environment that is filled with distractions. Excessive noise levels can be distressing. Too much clutter on the dinner table may contribute to confusion. The same applies to having too many food choices.

The compassionate caregivers of Avalon Memory Care provide our residents with nutritious and delicious meals and snacks, along with feeding assistance for those who need it. To discuss a dementia nursing care plan in Irving for your loved one, you may call our assisted living center at (214) 752-7050.