A Look at Sundowning and Sleep Issues

Alzheimer's Care Fort Worth

If your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, they may begin to exhibit more progressively serious symptoms as the disease advances. Two common problems amongst people with Alzheimer’s or dementia are sleep issues and a behavioral problem called sundowning. If your loved one has serious symptoms, they may need to move into an Alzheimer’s assisted living center for 24-hour Alzheimer’s care.

Sleep issues may include insomnia, restlessness, bad dreams, a resistance to adhering to a bedtime, less need for sleep, or confusion about what time of day it is. Sundowning is a syndrome common in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in which the patient may experience hallucinations and severe mood swings, and may become agitated, restless, irritable, confused, disoriented, demanding, and suspicious.

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