What Are Some Common Complications of Dementia?

There are several different types of dementia and each can cause considerable challenges for families. Most often, individuals with dementia require specialized dementia care at an assisted living location. There, highly trained and experienced caregivers can help these residents with common complications such as wandering, sleep disturbances, and agitation.


Wandering is potentially dangerous for individuals with dementia. They may find themselves in an unfamiliar area, which can be frightening to them, or they may suffer from fall-related injuries. In a memory care location, wandering is not generally a major problem because these places are thoughtfully secured. Staff members can monitor residents on a 24/7 basis. If your loved one has a tendency to wander, try to locate a memory care environment that offers a secured yard where he or she can safely wander.

Sleep Disturbances

It can be difficult for some individuals with dementia to enjoy restful sleep at night. Sometimes, there is a cause for this other than dementia, such as another chronic medical problem that causes pain. In these cases, a doctor might recommend administering pain medication at night. Your loved one might also benefit from being within a carefully designed environment. Access to plenty of sunshine-filled areas during the day can help your loved one to better understand when it is daytime and when it is time for sleeping. However, it is also a good idea to provide a very dim light or nightlight in your loved one’s sleeping area. Individuals with dementia can be readily confused by total darkness.


For individuals with dementia, agitation is often born of a confusing, chaotic environment. This is one reason why individuals with dementia can greatly benefit from a home-like environment, rather than a clinical setting. Some people with dementia can also become agitated when they are confused. A dementia caregiver can determine the underlying cause of the confusion or frustration to help ease the agitation.

Avalon Memory Care would like to invite families to learn about our compassionate model of dementia care administered in our locations near Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. Our assisted living locations provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s support, including medication management and counseling. Families can reach us at (214) 752-7050 to request more information.

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