Advice for Choosing a Memory Care Home

Memory Care Home Irving

When your loved one is suffering from dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, caring for him or her at home is not always safe or practical. Instead, your loved one can benefit from receiving continuous care in an Alzheimer’s nursing home dedicated to assisting residents and their families as they cope with dementia. When choosing memory care for your loved one, there are several factors to consider.

Tour During an Activity
One of the advantages of choosing an assisted living center dedicated to memory care is that the activities planned by the staff will be designed for residents with dementia. To ensure these types of activities are happening at the residence that you are considering, tour the home during an activity. Evaluate how the activity is being run and if the residents are enjoying it. Determine if the staff is being supportive and making sure all of the residents are safe and comfortable. Ask about other activities at the home to decide if they fit in with your loved one’s needs.

Eat a Meal
Nutrition is a major issue for people with dementia, and memory care homes must cater to this need. By sharing a meal at the home, you can see what kind of food is offered and how staff assists residents who need help eating. Ask questions about typical meals, what kinds of snacks are offered, and how the home accommodates special dietary needs and requests.

Evaluate the Cleanliness
A safe memory care home should be clean at all times and set up for the comfort of the residents. Good indicators of cleanliness are the windows, baseboards, and corners. Ask the staff about laundry schedules and property maintenance. You should also pay attention to the hygiene of the residents. Do they look like they are being cared for properly, with regular haircuts and nail trims?

At Avalon Memory Care, we encourage families to tour our homes and be active participants in developing a dementia nursing care plan in Irving for their loved ones. Arrange a visit to one of our area homes today by calling (214) 752-7050.