Good Activities for People with Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Care Irving

Just because someone you love is receiving Alzheimer’s care doesn’t mean that they can’t engage in activities. In fact, activities that your loved one enjoys can help to reduce depression and anxiety and may even slow the progression of symptoms. The best activities for your loved one in Alzheimer’s care depends on many different factors, including the stage of his disease, personal preferences, and mood on the given day. Here are some activities to consider when spending time with your loved one.

Music can be enormously powerful in triggering memories and easing distress. You may choose to sing songs or play music together with your loved one, or you may simply choose to listen to favorite songs together. Talk about memories that are linked to specific songs, but remain calm if your loved one cannot remember. The music your loved one wants to sing or hear may change from day to day, so be flexible and indulge his preferences rather than becoming frustrated.

Doing simple household chores can be comforting to a person suffering from Alzheimer’s. Work together on organizing items, sweeping, folding clothes, and other safe, simple jobs. The activities are stimulating for the brain, and they will give your loved one a sense of accomplishment. Even in an Alzheimer’s assisted living center, where general housekeeping is provided, you can still work on tasks within your loved one’s personal space.

Sharing a book, newspaper, or magazine is a good way to share peaceful time with a loved one with dementia. You can read together, or you can read the book to your loved one. Choose books your loved one enjoyed in the past or new ones that are simple to understand or have engaging pictures.

Avalon Memory Care provides bedside care for Alzheimer’s residents in Irving and the surrounding areas, including a full schedule of activities that are safe and enjoyable for residents with dementia. Find out if our continuous care for Alzheimer’s residents is right for your loved one by calling (214) 752-7050.