Telling Children About Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Care Carrollton

When a loved one enters Alzheimer’s care, explaining the condition to children and teens is not always easy. Young people may struggle to understand the changes occurring in the person they love and are likely to have many questions about the disease. By discussing Alzheimer’s care and the progression of the disease with your children, you can help them continue to maintain a relationship with their loved one.

When you tell your children about the disease, allow them to react in whatever way feels right to them and encourage them to open up about their feelings. It’s normal for young people to experience a range of emotions about Alzheimer’s, from confusion and sadness to anxiety that the disease is contagious or that their parents will get it. They may also become jealous of the time you spend on Alzheimer’s support or visiting an assisted living center. Answer your children’s questions directly and involving them in visits when possible will ease some of their discomfort.

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