What Are the Signs of Worsening Dementia?

In order to create the best nursing care plan for dementia, it is essential to know the signs of worsening dementia. Only an assisted living center that is experienced in providing comprehensive dementia care can ensure that your loved one with dementia has superior and continuous care. In its advanced stages, dementia will ultimately require total care from an assisted living center. In order to best help your loved one, you should know how far his or her dementia has progressed. Read on to learn common signs of worsening dementia during mild impairment, moderate impairment, and severe impairment.

Mild Impairment

Dementia care is initially designed to simply detect dementia. In its early stages, dementia may involve simply forgetting things and becoming confused, which can both be natural signs of aging. As dementia worsens, your loved one will have a noticeably impaired memory and struggle at work and in social situations. Memory loss and confusion will disrupt their days, as they become increasingly disoriented.

Moderate Impairment

Moderate dementia may not immediately require a move to an assisted living center. However, a dementia sufferer will need help taking care of basic hygiene, including being reminded to bathe and brush their teeth. He or she should be well enough to engage in social activities but should also be accompanied whenever leaving the home. At this point, a dementia sufferer will have a seriously impaired short-term memory.

Severe Impairment

In its final stages, dementia sufferers require continuous care at an assisted living center. Severe dementia means your loved one will be unable to function at all without help. Memory loss is extreme, and he or she will be able to engage in very few outside activities, even with assistance. A dementia sufferer will need help eating and bathing.

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