The Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

Alzheimer's Care Houston

Gardening is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages due to is fulfilling and calming effects. For individuals who require Alzheimer’s care, this popular activity can be particularly beneficial. Read on to learn how garden can prove to be a therapeutic addition to mental health care.

A Reason for Activity
As people age, many end up becoming less and less active with each year that passes, and this can be especially true for individuals with Alzheimer’s. Gardening can benefit assisted living residents by providing an incentive to leave their favorite sofa or recliner and to participate in an activity. While some aspects of gardening can be strenuous, there are many tasks involved that are easy on the body but also demand a bit of movement.

Time in the Sun
Getting enough sunshine can be essential for maintaining one’s health, and research has shown that older individuals are particularly at risk for not getting enough sunlight. Having outdoor gardening areas that are safe for people with Alzheimer’s can provide a way for those living in assisted living centers to feel motivated to go outside. Spending time outdoors can help those with Alzheimer’s enjoy the therapeutic effects of improved vitamin D levels, and may even reduce a person’s inflammation and risk for heart attack.

A Sense of Purpose
One of the most common reasons for older individuals to experience feelings of depression is a lack of purpose. For this reason, it is important to encourage hobbies and activities that give people with Alzheimer’s a motivation for involvement. Gardening works excellently for this purpose. Spending just an afternoon in a garden planting, pruning, or weeding can provide one with a sense of accomplishment, and seeing plants grow and blossom as they mature can be incredibly fulfilling.

Avalon Memory Care provides 24-hour a day care with a home-like environment, and we offer gardening along with other recreational activities to provide our residents with a fulfilling and therapeutic atmosphere. To learn more about our locations that provide mental health care for Alzheimer’s near Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, please give us a call at (214) 752-7050.