Tips for Going to the ER or Doctor's Office

Memory Care Houston

Do you have a loved one who requires Alzheimer’s care? If so, then you may find yourself faced with questions about providing them with medical treatment. Use the following tips if you are concerned about getting your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease to the emergency room or doctor’s office:

Plan ahead for doctor’s office visits.
There are several steps that you can take to make trips to the doctor easier on both yourself and your loved one with Alzheimer’s. Make appointments at a time of the day when the office is least likely to be crowded and when your loved one’s mood tends to be best. Also, inform the office staff in advance regarding your loved one’s condition, and tell the person with Alzheimer’s disease about the appointment only shortly beforehand and in a positive manner.

Be prepared for trips to the ER.
Visits to the emergency room can be made less stressful by being ready to provide any necessary information. Make a list of any medications that your loved one is taking and write down her health care provider’s phone number and name. Put this information together along with any advance directives and insurance cards. Finally, inform the ER staff about your loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease and how best to interact with her.

Contact your loved one’s assisted living center.
If your loved one with Alzheimer’s currently resides in a memory care location, then be sure to contact the staff and learn if they can assist you in any way in providing your loved one with appropriate medical care. Some locations offer in-house services and scheduling, as well as transportation to appointments. For these reasons, it is important not to discount your loved one’s assisted living center as a resource for her medical care.

At Avalon Memory Care, we offer services for arranging in-house medical and dental appointments, and we can also provide transportation to outside providers. To find out more about our medication management, medical appointment assistance, or our nursing care plan for Alzheimer’s in Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston, please contact us today at (214) 752-7050.