Coping with Anticipatory Grief When Your Loved One Has Late Stage Alzheimer's

Memory Care Dallas

Providing Alzheimer’s care for a loved one can take a serious toll on caregivers. However, it is often the anticipatory grief that is most difficult for these individuals to handle. If you have a family member who has late stage Alzheimer’s, read on for some tips on how to cope with your grief.

Understand what you are feeling.
It is essential for you to realize that feeling emotional pain before the loss of your loved one is both normal and common. Having a family member who is diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s means being forced to say a long goodbye to someone who may not be fully present or seem like the person that you used to know. This situation can be extremely trying, and feeling grief before your loved one’s passing is completely natural.

Be kind to and forgiving of yourself.
First, if you are caring for a loved one with late stage dementia, it is important that you ask for help when it is needed, and that you are understanding of yourself during any moments when you struggle with providing this type of care. Also, be sure to be kind to yourself during this period, as feelings of grief can lead to depression. For this reason, it is crucial to take the time to care for yourself, and to enlist the help of others when necessary.

Develop and rely on a support network.
Taking on the caregiving for an individual with late stage Alzheimer’s can be challenging in any situation, and when the person is someone that you love, it can be an exceptionally difficult circumstance to handle. To provide yourself with a network of individuals who can help you and listen to you when you need an emotional outlet, talk to friends and family members and ask them to agree to offer assistance and a listening ear whenever needed.

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