When Is 24-Hour Care Necessary for a Person with Dementia?

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Dementia care is often provided in the home by family members when the individual’s limitations and needs are not substantial. As the individual’s care needs become more demanding, family caregivers often struggle to fulfill them. To ensure that the individual receives the care he or she needs and to prevent family caregiver burnout, it may be necessary to consider a move to a memory care location that offers continuous care.

The individual’s care needs become difficult to handle.
Dementia causes impairments that vary in severity and type from person to person. Some people with dementia may no longer be able to bathe, groom, and dress themselves. They may require toileting assistance, incontinence care, and mobility assistance. It can become quite difficult for family caregivers to meet all of these needs, especially when caregivers must also work and raise children. There will come a time when family caregivers must recognize that it is not possible to do everything by themselves.

Safety inside the home becomes a concern.
Families affected by dementia typically have many safety concerns. An individual with dementia may leave the stove turned on, open the door to strangers, or fall and sustain serious injuries. If the family cannot provide continuous care to ensure their loved one’s safety, it is time to make the move to a memory care location. Within a professionally staffed residency, individuals with dementia are carefully monitored 24 hours per day to ensure their safety and well-being.

The person is at risk of wandering.
Safety is not just a concern inside the home, but also outside the home. Individuals with dementia may become confused and wander off. It is easy for these individuals to get lost and be unable to ask for help. Traffic accidents, exposure to the elements, and dehydration are some of the life-threatening complications of wandering.

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