Talking to Your Loved Ones About Your Diagnosis

Memory Care Arlington

It is never easy to cope with a life-changing diagnosis such as Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to coming to terms with your own emotions, there is the added burden of sharing this information with your loved ones. Shock, denial, anger, and sadness are all emotions that your loved ones may experience. It is perfectly natural for your loved ones to experience emotional upheaval, just as you have. Remind your loved ones that you are all in this journey together and that when the time is right, Alzheimer’s care is available.

Sharing the Diagnosis
Every individual diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will have a unique experience. Some people inform their loved ones right away, while others dread having this discussion and prefer to delay it. There is no “right” response; it is best to follow your instincts. If you feel that the time is right to share the diagnosis with your loved ones, consider which individuals you will share this information with and whether you prefer to speak with each person individually or your whole family as a group.

Becoming Informed
Your doctor can direct you to credible resources so that you can become informed about Alzheimer’s disease. You may wish to learn more about your diagnosis before discussing it with your loved ones or you might prefer to explore the issue together. Your loved ones may wish to meet with your doctor to ask any questions they might have. It can also be helpful for your family to seek mental health counseling, either individually or as a group.

Identifying Options
Although you may be able to live independently for quite some time, it is wise to begin exploring your options for long-term memory care while you are still able to do so yourself. Identify memory care locations in your area and schedule a tour of the homes. Carefully weigh your options before making a decision and consider whether you can imagine yourself living in the home. Put your choices into writing and inform your loved ones about these decisions.

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