Safety Concerns for Your Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease

When you’re providing Alzheimer’s care for a loved one, safety is one of the biggest factors to consider. Memory changes and cognitive decline can lead to a number of different safety concerns. People with Alzheimer’s disease are prone to wandering and becoming lost, which makes them extremely vulnerable. They may also be unable to judge temperature correctly, which can lead to burns from food and while bathing. Eventually, it becomes impossible for families to provide the amount of care and protection their loved ones need. Fortunately, memory care homes can put your mind at ease and protect your loved one. Learn more about the dangers associated with Alzheimer’s disease and how continuous care in a memory care home can help in this infographic from Avalon Memory Care. If you need assistance with Alzheimer’s care for your loved one in Dallas, Houston, and St. Louis contact us to find out more about our 24-hour Alzheimer’s support services. Please help other families who are living with Alzheimer’s disease by sharing this information.

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