Recognizing the Late Stage of Alzheimer's

Memory Care Houston

The late stage of Alzheimer’s disease is particularly difficult for families to cope with, as it indicates that death could be imminent. Each case is highly variable, however, and this last stage may last for a few weeks or a few years. During this time, the individual requires continuous care. The professionals who provide memory care will usually give intensive assistance with feeding and personal care. The individual will need substantial mobility assistance. Eventually, he or she will be unable to walk, and will need to be repositioned frequently by Alzheimer’s caregivers to prevent serious health problems like pressure sores.

During the late stage, an individual with Alzheimer’s will not usually be capable of communicating. He or she will become highly susceptible to infections, such as pneumonia. Weight loss is normal as the end of life draws nearer.

Avalon Memory Care embraces the innovative concept of gracious and dignified living despite a difficult diagnosis. If your loved one could benefit from a compassionate mental healthcare plan for dementia and you live near Dallas, Arlington, or Houston, call us at (214) 752-7050.

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