A Closer Look at Memory Care

Memory care is a specialized form of Alzheimer’s support. As you will learn when you watch this featured video, people with Alzheimer’s require different levels of care at different stages of the disease. As the family’s ability to provide care declines, they may look for residential memory care. This video introduces a man who is in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s. He often has problems with word recall, but he is still able to perform basic self-care tasks.

When your loved one needs memory care in Irving, Arlington, or Houston, your family can turn to the trusted providers at Avalon Memory Care. Call (214) 752-7050 to arrange a tour of our beautiful, home-like assisted living centers.

Planning for Your Future After an Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s disease can be tricky to diagnose. When a diagnosis is finally made, you will have challenging emotions to come to terms with and some difficult decisions to make. As you begin planning for your future memory care needs, you may ...
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Tips for Enjoying Your Visit to Avalon

When you visit a loved one at Avalon Memory Care, there are many ways to make the time you spend together enjoyable for both of you. The key is to keep in mind that simply because someone is in memory care and living with dementia does not mean that ...
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Why Should I Get Checked for Alzheimer's?

In many cases, families seek expert counseling when they suspect that a loved one might need Alzheimer’s care. But it is not necessary to wait for others to bring up the subject. You know yourself well, and you can probably identify new ...
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When Is 24-Hour Care Necessary for a Person with Dementia?

Dementia care is often provided in the home by family members when the individual’s limitations and needs are not substantial. As the individual’s care needs become more demanding, family caregivers often struggle to fulfill them. To ...
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Taking a Look at Our Resident Rooms

Avalon Memory Care is committed to giving our residents the dignity and comfort they deserve. Our memory care locations offer private and semi-private rooms within peaceful homes. Our residents are welcome to bring their own bedroom furniture with ...
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Sundowning and Other Sleep Issues in Alzheimer's Sufferers

Many individuals receiving Alzheimer’s care experience sleep disturbances. They may have trouble sleeping at night and staying awake during the day. Increasing confusion and agitation in the afternoon and evening are also common issues. These ...
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Exploring the Link Between Alzheimer's Disease and Mental Health Issues

People with Alzheimer’s disease and their families face many serious challenges, which may sometimes include mental health issues. As Alzheimer’s disease becomes progressively more severe, the individual may begin to exhibit unusual ...
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The Power of Music for Alzheimer's Patients

In the search for new ways to allow Alzheimer’s sufferers to connect with their loved ones, some families have discovered that music can have a tremendous impact. Watch this video to see how music is playing a role in Alzheimer’s care for ...
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Wandering with Alzheimer's Disease: Understanding the Risk and Exploring Prevention Strategies

One of the reasons many families eventually choose the continuous care of an assisted living center when a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease is to prevent wandering. Wandering is extremely common in people with Alzheimer’s, and without ...
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